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The best tools for content creation and marketing 2022!

What are the best online tools and marketing platforms you may need to tick for effective content creation and marketing? Here is all that you need to know!

In today’s global marketing scenario, the aim of every small business or a giant corporate house is to have an effective digital marketing policy in place. Starting from content creation, all-around digital presence, efficient social Media performances, and AI-backed campaign creation, there is no limit to the way the world is simplifying the theory of digital marketing.

With that being said, there are several tools, artificial intelligence-backed marketing techniques, and software solutions that can help you get your business to the masses out there. Popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and the likes, are now the ideal go-to solution for big and small brands alike. Adding to the creation of attractive content through tools, Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Instagram promotions, etc., one can reach out to a target audience and materialize real-time client conversions like never before.

Today, marketing is all about thinking smart, creating content that speaks in a few words, digitizing marketing, and being there to communicate effectively with one's audience. Be it a media professional, actor, big or small business owner - they are all, now available to interact with their audiences or customers in an endeavor to constantly leave a long-lasting impact. With this being the case in all business segments, the content retention value can be limited since there is a constant outflow of exceptional content on digital platforms.

So how can one maximize the ways of digital media presence and create content that has a superior retention value and helps in faster conversion than any other?

Here are some of the most tried and tested ways to maximize your digital presence from the various segments of digital marketing.

Content Creation

Effective content strategy begins with the right form of content. Thus, there is a need to have the right kind of software solutions that can help you create content that stays on the mind of your customer. The interest-building time span for every content usually is 10 seconds, before your potential customer or reader scrolls ahead. Thus, creating attractive banner images, post images and other forms of pictorial content is the key to successful content creation. That said, yes, of course, the need for a substantial creative mind behind the project is the foundation of it all. Therefore, we are here to with some of the most popular photo, images, or pictographic content creating tools that are extremely user-friendly, can schedule the posting of the final output to your social media at regular intervals, and have free and/or small fee-based professional dashboards that can be used.

At SocialSelfy, we highly recommend the following tools for easy and effective content creation:

1. Canva

Free and Paid plans are available

We are sure most of you are well versed with the tool and it needs no introduction. But for those who are yet to get introduced to it, Canva is a very popular and free tool for creating amazing social media creatives, blog banners, website creatives, Instagram reel content, facebook stories, and much more. With a premium subscription of Rs. 3,999 per annum, one can install their brand kit with their choice of color pallet, logos, and explore their vast collection of elements, images, text options, and other assets. It also has a number of templates that are super easy to use. With Canva, one can create professional-quality visuals and graphic designing in no time.

P.s. If you wish to have a tutorial blog done on how to use Canva by us, let us know here.

canva graphic designing content creation
Canva Dashboard

Introducing Canva - Source: Canva

Free and Paid plans are available

For anyone who is looking for a change from Canva, or simply wants to try something new, Vista Create, earlier known as Crello is a strong contender for an efficient and quality graphic design tool. Just like Canva, it offers a number of templates for creating professional and fun-looking creatives for ones' social media platforms. One can use the free version to create a lot of graphic posts and videos while the pro version is also available to explore more creative options.

Pricing structure of VistaCreate
Vista Create Pricing Structure

3. Pixlr

A very interesting content creator app and desktop website, Pixlr has a user-friendly dashboard and a large collection of templates to help you make your creatives. It is available in free and pro versions.

Marketing and Team Management

While content creation is the foundation of content marketing, the entire aspect of marketing revolves around post scheduling, email marketing, advertising campaign portals, project management solutions, and efficient SEO tools. Here is the list of the most effective tools and software that can be easily used for your company.

Post Scheduling: Whether it is a small business, blogger, or a corporate giant, everybody is there on social media. In fact, in today's scenario, the number of social media influencers are way more than you can imagine. With that being the level of competition, it is smart to schedule your social media posts than worry about creating one, on the spot each time. Here are some of the most talked-about post-scheduling apps and websites.

1. Later: A popular platform that helps you schedule your posts across all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the likes.

2. Buffer: Another popular social media content scheduling tool that offers analytics along with customer engagement solutions.

3. SproutSocial: With a very versatile and customer-centric algorithm, SproutSocial helps you schedule posts and enhance customer engagement through interactive solutions and efficient social media management tools.

Email Marketing

While some may feel "who reads emails anymore", the truth is, emails have a retention value way more than a social media post would. They help hand-hold your customer towards your websites, blogs, posts ,and more. Here are some email marketing tools that we trust.

  1. Mailchimp : One of the most popular and almost everyone's favorite, Mailchimp offers seamless audience management and creative tools for easily integrated email marketing. Their plans begin from INR. 770 per month.

Hubspot, email marketing,

2. Hubspot: The one name that defines email marketing, CRM solutions, marketing automation solutions, and more. Hubspot has been a favorite at big and small corporate houses. The pricing structure begins at $45 per month.

3. MailerLite: One of the easiest to use websites, Mailerlite offers over 9000 free monthly email templates and an option of a month-long free trial. With newsletter builder tools and more, this email marketing solution is a favorite amongst beginners.


Once the content is created and out there for the audience to infer, it is important to have its views prompted through various advertising tools and portals available. One might come to think of it as a dire necessity simply because there is already so much information overload out there. There are many advertising platforms one can look at.

1. Google Ads: One of the easiest and result-driven methods of promoting one's business is via GoogleAds. Google makes it a simple 4 step process for you to create an ad, within your allocated budget and runs it across the location that will help you best.

2. Adext: Maximise the performance of your marketing campaigns across all platforms, be it Google, Facebook ads, Instagram Promotions, or YouTube. Adext is a versatile advertising aggregator platform that uses AI to help your ads outperform across all these platforms.

These are some the best, but not limited to tools and platforms that we at SocialSelfy recommend to you. Let us know what you think about these. If you feel your product can make it on the list or is one of its kind, reach out to us and we would love to collaborate!


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