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How social media can help sustain your business during #Covid - 19

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

How social media can help sustain your business during COVID19

There is no denying that the last two years have been etched into history, for all the wrong and right reasons. While most of us see it as a life-altering timeline, it has been a life lesson none-the-less. When the world stayed indoors, a lot happened and not just in the kitchens of people. From honing new skills to trying out new ways of surviving, the #COVID19 has hit us with a force that brought out the worst and the best.

The most constant thing that was on the list of the survival alibi for people is their social media feed. Well, so what if #TikTok was ruled out, the world saw a volley of its replicas in the form of YouTube stories, Instagram reels, Facebook Shorts and much more. While most were struggling to hold onto their businesses, newbies that included even teenagers, took up to ‘reeling’ and creating their own small businesses and becoming social media influencers.

So If you are on the lookout for your business and do not wish for your triumphant past to die down because of the pandemic, here are the ways to keep things going through the social media!

Instagram reels feed

Post Regularly

Be it creating a social media image post talking about why people need what you have to offer, to creating a video feed that is as short as 15 seconds, or summing up your point of sale via Instagram reels, you can simply make the most of social media in these trying times. When it is sensible for us to stay indoors, try the new trends of going ‘Live’ on your social media handles from the comfort of your home. Yes! Make it informal and that is what actually sells! Schedule your posts to one variant everyday, that includes pictures that speak about your product or service, videos that do the same and live sessions timed to once a week (no restraints there but don’t over do things either.)

Make things attractive

Follow your business color theme and match it to your feed. Make things attractive while still retaining your product in the minds of your customers and viewers. There are various apps that can help you plan your grid alignment, colors and themes such as Planoly, Preview, Plann, UNUM, ETC. Try them out and see what fits best. If a video is on your mind, try creating ones that give your viewer a tip, tutorial or information that they don’t already have. Use a bright background, try using props, a surprise element, and a conclusion.

plann for instagram

Plann for Instagram

Tag your customers

Loyalty must be acknowledged and a good brand must make sure that they acknowledge their customers. Be it automated emails that with a thank you like what Swiggy did after a first order post the lockdown to acknowledging your customer’s presence and value in these trying times, kind words can go a long way.

Honesty is the best policy

A wise saying will always hold true and this quote is no exception. There is no point in pretending that you are invincible but saying out the facts might actually be a boon. We do not say start writing your sop story but indulging in unnecessary giveaways might only pinch the pocket if you show you are doing phenomenally well. Instead, how about saying, “we have are all going forward and growing together and these trying times, we need your help in helping us stay on board. Thus, a small discount for you, for being the support system for us.”

Using Hashtags

An easy way to categorize your feeds and posts, hashtags help you bring focus to your product or service based on the keywords that are trending. Ideal to get eyes onto your profile, hashtags are the best way to get your posts reach more potential viewers. There are many ways to understand an ideal hashtag algorithm which we will be explaining in a subsequent post. There are a few apps that can help your figure this out such as TaskAnt and Display Purposes and you can use them to find out the best hashtags for your business.

We hope that these testing times recede sooner than later and while the sun is on its way to the horizon, we hope you make the best of the above ideas to keep things rolling in your hearts and in your minds!


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