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Bottlenose: A Streamlined Social Dashboard

About: Bottlenose is a trend intelligence application, or a social app/dashboard that allows its users to create business intelligence out of the clutter of social noise in Twitter, Facebook and so on. Simply put, it creates a streamlined access for its users to read only what is relevant to them and avoid all the other clutter. Works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, to name a few!

Price: Free

In the current social world, there is data everywhere and for a person who needs to analyze them, without the help of an effective \’sorting\’ tool, it can take ages to lay hands upon the what is most relevant. It\’s sonar streamline feature that not only alters the data based on the interest of the user, but also portrays it in a pattern that is easily understood and can be detailed when desired. Bottlenose identifies topics of your interest through your social feeds, social likes, etc and tags what is important based on these likes and displays them, also allowing you to toggle between topics and add more topics based on your preferences.

Key Features

For those who tend to get access to as much meaningful data as possible is the target group of Bottlenose that excels in providing real actionable data. Coming to how effective and efficient it is, let us look at the pointers below.

1. Effective Keyword Search

Whether it is a paid or a free search optimization, it is highly important to know that what is being said about the topics of your interests. Be it Google or Bing\’s AdCenter, we can gather an understanding that people\’s searches are never the same and every search adds a new keyword. That is where Bottlenose comes into the picture. It ensures that topics and everything that is inter-related to it is made available to the user by way of keywords search.

 2. Refined Hash-Tag Research

Twitter is massive and to create a presence on the right page, it is important to use the most optimal hashtags within your tweets.  It is the keywords search and social listing tools that helps you know which hashtags gives you the maximum visibility. Bottlenose dashboard renders to you a plethora of hashtags relevant for your tweets and also facebook posts, every time you add a topic.

3. Sentiment Analysis

It is important to write about what interests your viewers. Thus again, Bottlenose comes to respite with its sentiment streamlines analysis that gives you a clear picture of what is really trending. From topics, hashtags, keywords, mentions, etc., that are used most frequently, the user can get a clear picture of what is really in without much hindrance.

4. Sonar Solo

This feature of Bottlenose gives a glimpse of everything that is trending with the help of simple keywords and hashtags that are inter-related to one another. With a simple input into the search bar, the user gets access to everything that is going on related to that field in real time.

5. Automated Trend Alerts

Bottlenose\’s StreamSense analyses more than 3 billion messages, filters out all the clutter and displays an array of emerging topics, people, and content, thereby making trend discovery simple. The latest developments and trends are delivered at the users inbox.

Judging the Opacity

Bottlenose is your virtual analyst on cloud. It automatically spots trends, discovers patterns and tracks perception as it changes. The two types of views, sonar and newspaper give a radar like view or a detailed newspaper like view to the user based on their convenience and time availability. It provides the ability to compare brand performance and give an analysis based on sentiment analysis on various brands, campaign or topic.

1. New Trend Alerts:

Bottlenose quotes ”Get alerted when new trends emerge and when there is a burst of activity. See when a crisis spikes, peaks and drops. Track engagement, sentiment, demographics, psychographics, geography, influencers, topics, links, and more — across all forms of social media simultaneously.”

2. Analyze the stream and sentiments:

With bottlenose you can point out the reason why a particular trend is trending the way it is or what is causing the buzz about the latest product.

3.  Judgments based on real-time performances:

See how well you’re performing in real-time. Discover previously unknown trending links, topics and hashtags around your interests to influence real-time marketing campaigns and promoted keyword buys.

4. Discover:

Discover what is trending and what is in news. having a personal virtual analyst team working with you 24/7.

To say it in their words -

Everyone has an opinion and something to say, often on many networks simultaneously. Bottlenose is how you make sense of all of the conversations you follow, and the trends they relate to.  Bottlenose is intelligent. Bottlenose is personalized. And If you have a large audience, follow lots of people and interests, or create a lot of social media content — Bottlenose is for you.

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