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MavenLink – The Online Project Management Tool

About: MavenLink is an online project management software that provides its users access to a streamlined workflow and support that helps them increase productivity. With a set of well established features for collaboration, file sharing, project management and team management, MavenLink ensures that that its users not just manage projects effectively but also ensure timely and effective business management solutions. With its aim to be one of the most prime online workplace for companies while they engage in businesses with each other, MavenLink creates an atmosphere that enables effective work environments with timely deliverance.

Pricing Model: After a free trial that is available, MavenLink can be subscribed for a starting rate of $4 per month.

A tour of the MavenLink Project Workspace below shows the ease with which a user can collaborate and manage projects and teams and get an instant access to the ongoing workflow and tasks in a dashboard view or Gantt Charts.

Key Features

1. Advanced Project Management

MavenLink focuses on workforce management programs by enabling effective collaboration between the teams and groups. MavenLink centralizes and prioritizes all conversations, activities, tasks, and financials in one convenient location, so you can spend less time organizing and more time growing your business.

  • Activity streams allows viewing of all your projects in one global feed and also individually in project feeds.

  • A centralized dashboard gives an overall view of all the activities.

  • Users have control over their choice of when to receive email updates which can be replied to even when offline.

  • Chrome plug-in turns emails into manageable tasks. To-dos can be assigned to your team members.

2. Task Management

Tasks can be assigned and prioritized with the drag and drop feature. With the entire workspace visible in an absolute collaborative manner, work is simplified. Users can track time and budget, attach files, create sub tasks, all on the go. One of the added highlight of MavenLink is the fact that it integrates with google tasks. Therefore, you can virtuously sync all your tasks at one location.

3. File Sharing

File filtering, file history, linking files to tasks and again integrating them with Google Tasks, file management has taken an all new turn here.

4. Financial Management

Manage time and expenses easily as users can input their project based expenses, upload receipts and categorize the accounts.

5. Invoicing

MavenLink allows users to create and link invoices to their projects tasks, deliverables and milestones. Invoices can include fixed fee, time, expenses, etc. MavenLink is also integrated with Quickbooks, desktop for windows and Quickbooks Online.

Payment capabilities can be embedded with each project which can be made and received via PayPal.

6. Timeline Management

With Gantt Charts, users can create dependencies between tasks and make the most of a comprehensive visual timeline. Know what is prioritized with the critical path tab and make changes effectively. Also track the percentage of completion of a task or project in real time.

7. Resource Management

With personnel planning, hours can be allocated to individual team members. With the utilization reporting, you can view how the assigned tasks are being delivered and where do they stand in the schedules. With project job costings, user can compare the exact expenses with the budget that was allocated, there by cutting down extra influences.

8. Analytics and Reporting

Know exactly how much time and money is spent on each project along with clear status of ever invoice. Know your work in progress down to the task levels and stay on top of visibility in every sphere. Accounts receivable reports provide an overview into what costs are pending on individual projects.

User Interface (UI)

With a fairly simple and easy to use UI, MavenLink boasts of creating projects and managing them in a manner that make businesses grow. Be it creating tasks or assigning them to individuals, it is all done with simple and user friendly modes as easy as a click of a button. A highly visual display of all the activities ensures that nothing stands amiss. With effective resource management tools, MavenLink provides and all encompassing experience at a very reasonable rate.

With the only hitch being that MavenLink’s basic plan does not have enough storage space for its users which is sorted with the premier packages, MavenLink provides it all for its users. With MavenLink’s feature of generating custom reports, users can generate reports on any other information as well which are not included in the built in reports.

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